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Volos & Pelion. A magical destination!

As Spring has arrived, has been in Volos and Pelion for 7 days, in order to bring you a complete presentation of their gastronomy treasure. Volos is located in beautiful Magnisia, has a historical value and it is famous for its traditional taverns and the best quality of tsipouro.

The journey took us later to Pelion, the mountain next to Volos. According to the myth, it was the country house of the olympian gods and the hometown of centaurs. Here, you will be captivated by the picturesque landscapes and views. It is surely one of the best destinations that Greece has to offer, where unique, traditional tastes are combined with the vivid natural environment and therefore produce complete experience for you.


Volos' Restaurants


Almi. See more here                      Plagios. See more here


Brothers. See more here                Moliende Tavola. See more here


Moustaki. See more here               Ouzo Therapy. See more here


Veggera. See more here                 Varela. See more here


Moussio. See more here                Sintages Mageirikis. See more here


Stratos. See more here                   Ba. Ca. Re. See more here


Key Bistro. See more here             Kavouras. See more here




Pelion's Restaurants


Filyra. See more here                     Chani Zisi. See more here


Kritsa. See more here                     Aggelikon. See more here 


Dipnosofistis. See more here         The Lost Unicorn. See more here


Meydani. See more here                 Ortansies. See more here


Mirtillo. See more here                   Katofli tis Kaitis. See more here




Restaurants in other regions of Volos


6 Keys. See more here                   Apolafsi. See more here


Mouragio. See more here               Karavia Lux Inn. See more here


Jimmy's. See more here                Skalakia tis Charas. See more here


El Resto Bar. See more here          Varela (Alikes). See more here




Accommodation in Volos


Filyra. See more here                   Hotel Kalloni. See more here


Chani Zisi. See more here              Karavia Lux Inn. See more here


Lost Unicorn. See more here          Agapitos Village. See more here


6 Keys. See more here




Mount Pelion

Volos is a perfect destination for any time of the year and any season. That is because it offers not only a great variety of magnificent beaches all around its region, but also a perfect getaway in nature, that is called Mount Pelion. You will surely be captivated by its natural beauty.


Volos Beaches

Here you will be presented with the most famous of the many options there are in Volos, if you seek to spend time in a clean, beautiful beach.


Mylopotamos Beach


Papa Nero Beach


Damouchari Beach


Agrias Beach


Kallifteri Beach



Alykes Beach