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Tinos. Delicious dishes in front of the sea!

Tinos Tour Destination 2014-2015! After our visit on Syros island, traveled on Tinos, which is very near. We were astonished by the the magnificent locations and beaches of the isle and of course by the restaurants and taverns that decorate Tinos. There, you can surely enjoy splendid meals, meat and fish dishes, just next to the sea waves. What makes all the restaurants special is their devotion to using only fresh and of the most quality ingredients.


Tinos' Restaurants


Oi Lefkes. See more here              Bourou. See more here


Tarsanas. See more here              San To Alati. See more here


Galera. See more here                  Marathia. See more here


Pranzo. See more here                  Paleta. See more here


Mikro Karavi. See more here      Balos. See more here



Accommodation on Tinos

Tinos Beach Hotel. See more here



Church of Holy Mary on Tinos

Tinos is very famous in all Greece and abroad for the Church of Holy Mary. Thousands of people go there every year to pray and to see it stand big and overwhelming in Chora of Tinos. It is better to visit the church during the week days, when it is not so crowded.




Tinos' Beaches

Tinos is full of magnificent beaches, with perfect waters at breathtaking locations. Here, we will show some of the many beaches that you must pay a visit...


Agios Fokas beach


Agios Romanos beach


Kionas beach


Stavrou beach