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In you will only find well trusted restaurants that can host your dinner and social events, providing excellent service, in some of the most breathtaking locations of Greece. By sending us an email with what you are seeking of, we guarantee you that your stay in Greece will be forever carved in your memories as one of the best moments you have ever had. 
Trust our experience to make that happen, since we have a personal opinion about each and every restaurant, that you will find in our database. It is true that every place is unique and has something different to offer. Maybe it is a dish, a recipe, the view, the decoration... However we would like to inform you about some of the famous dishes of the Greek menu, which can be found everywhere and sometimes they may come in different recipes...
Greek Salad or Choriatiki Salata. The most popular salad that consists of tomato, cucumber, olive oil, feta, olives, onion, green pepper, oregano and salt.
Ntakos. Typical, Cretan salad. Based on the Cretan rusk, usually barley. The (soaked or not) rusk is covered with rubbed tomato and feta or Cretan mizithra, cut into pellets. Always supplemented with a healthy dose of olive oil, salt, oregano and pepper and sometimes olives.
Feta cheese. This is a kind of cheese in brine, the roots of which are thousands of years ago in ancient Greece. Made exclusively from sheep's milk or goat, that blend with up to 30% goat milk.
Saganaki. It is fried cheese, usually Parmesan or Gruyere, but can also be feta or formaela, and usually it is added lemon on top..
Tzatziki. The main ingredients are yoghurt, grated cucumber, minced garlic, dill and a little olive oil.
Meat Dishes
Gyros. The most famous Greek delicacy. It consists of pork pieces from different parts of the animal, either served wrapped in pita bread (unleavened bread), or as a dish. Served with tzatziki, tomato, onion and fries. 
Souvlaki. A typical Greek dish, which is famous around the world, that consists of chunks of pork tied with a small wooden skewer and cooked by stubble. The recipe is known from Greek antiquity, where there are reports of a delicacy called kandavlos, which was similar to the current souvlaki.
Keftedes. Meatballs accompanied with fries and lemon.
Mpizola. Steak with fries oregano and lemon.
Paidakia. Ribs with fries, oregano and lemon.
Moussaka. The Greek moussaka is cooked with aubergines, cut into thin slices and fried lightly in olive oil. Above them a mixture of sliced lamb or beef meat, onions, tomato sauce and spices are added. At the top of the layers béchamel is spread.
Pastitsio. According to the common recipe, it is used thick pasta, sliced meat and béchamel.
Giouvetsi. Pieces of meat, usually beef, cooked on low heat with tomato sauce. Then, the meat is placed on the sauce in ceramic pot and it is added pasta and water and is cooked in the oven.
Tigania. Mainly made with pieces of pork or chicken, fried in olive oil with salt, pepper and herbs, often added wine or ouzo. Depending on the amount of alcohol used, i is also called Bekri Meze (the food of the drunkard).
Seafood Dishes
Gavros. Known as anchovies or anchovy fish, covered in flour and fried in a pan.
Mpakaliaros. The so-called salt cod that has so many recipes in the Greek cusine. You will find it as croquettes, soup, fried in batter, baked with tomato, with leeks, raisins, rice, etc. In Crete it is served with chickpeas, in Kefalonia they serve the bakaliaropita and in Santorini  the brantada.
Htapodi. A truly beloved delicacy, the octopus is served in pieces and is chosen also to accompany ouzo. 
Karavides. The scampi.
Astakos. The lobster, served also with pasta.
Mydia. A delicious delicacy, the mussels. In the Greek cuisine, you will find great varieties of mussels to taste. They are also used as a topping in fish pasta.
Kalamarakia. The most common fish dish you will ever see in a Greek table, the squids.
Sweets & Desserts.
Bougatsa. These pies are usually filled with cream or cheese, but you can find them also filled with meat, spinach with cream or cocoa. Thessaloniki and Serres are renowned for their authentic bougatsa.
Galaktompoureko. Dessert with meal, which consists of cream wrapped in phyllo.
Karidopita. Cake that contains mainly kernels of nuts.
Koulourakia. One of the most common pastry of the Greek cuisine. They are a butter-based sweets and sometimes it is also used vanilla, sesame and egg glaze.
Kourabiedes. These white, round shaped pastry are made usually during Christmas holidays, and are based on flour, butter and icing sugar.
Melomakarona. Known as small honey cakes, usually made during Christmas holidays as well. Typical ingredients are flour and semolina, sugar, zest of oranges or orange juice, brandy, cinnamon and other aromatics, oil, honey and water.
Loukoumades. A kind of fried-dough pastry that is soaked usually in honey. Sometimes, it is added chocolate or ice cream.
Yogurt. Another popular Greek delicacy made from milk and that is totally nutritious.
Bread & Pies
Greece is renowned for the great variety of bakery products that are offered. Taste so many different kind of warm breads, that can truly beautify your meal. Find also the different types of pies that are being prepared in every bakery, such as cheese pie, spinach pie, cheese and jam pie and sausage pie.
Greece is also famous for their quality wines. You will find a great variety of wines for every existing category, made of the finest grapes.
Greece is well known for ouzo, tsipouro and raki. Strong, white drinks that are usually accompanied by a variety of food. Enjoy ouzo with a variety of meatballs, seafood, cheese and feta, fries, tomatoes and olives, in front of the sea, and you will understand why this custom is loved so much...
Another typical drink that is loved in this country is coffee, in two forms. Frappe, cold, shaken coffee and Greek coffee,boiled, unfiltered coffee with the sediment at the bottom of the cup.